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Dental Hygiene

Congratulations on visiting Aqua Care Pro, the home for the only Dental hygiene kit you will ever need. This kit is for the use of maintaining healthy oral hygiene at home and keeping brighter teeth and fresh breath to maintain that sparkling smile!


All About the Kit

1) DEEP TEETH CLEANING FOR A SPARKLING SMILE!! - Bacteria ,Plaque and Tartar easily build up on and in between the teeth, which as we know just brushing and flossing alone does not remove, annoying right!. Well The Dental Tools have been designed to remove all of these unwanted stains, debris and plaque build up to Restore your teeth and bring back that amazing smile!

2) PLAQUE & TARTAR REMOVER- Removing Plaque and Tartar stains from your teeth like a Professional with ease,helps with Teeth Whitening. Reduce your trips to the Dentist by using the tools Designed and used by Dentists. Will help to Rid you of bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay making your mouth feel fresh and give you confidence.

3) HIGH GRADE STAINLESS STEEL DENTAL QUALITY- All the 5 Dental Tools within our kit are made from high grade Stainless steel, we guarantee excellent quality on every tool every time. Tools including Anti-fog Mouth Mirror, Sickle Scaler, Dental Explorer, Tartar Scraper and Dental Tweezers. This is all the Tools to maintain Healthy Oral Hygiene.

4) EASY STORAGE & UNIVERSAL USE - Your Dental Hygienist tools come in a Premium Quality Leather zipper pouch, with a Protective insert over the end of each tool. So you can take them when you Travel, or just keep safely in your bathroom cabinet.These tools are perfect for anyone, even without any dental care experience. Excellent for Adults and The children ( Only to be handled by Adults!!) They are also Pet Friendly, can be used on your Dog Teeth Cleaning or Cat Teeth Cleaning aswell.

6) LIFETIME GUARANTEE- 100 % Money Back Guarantee, We are that confident in the quality of our tools , that If for any reason your not happy with Our kit at any point, we will refund your money in full no Questions asked. Being the NO 1 Best quality tools, they will give years of fantastic use guaranteed, What more can you ask for !!

Aqua Care Pro Dental Hygiene Kit

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